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Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

Dutch breakthrough in global food supply

In 2016 the Dutch government commissioned a study into salt-tolerant crops. This research project has resulted in the discovery that specific varieties of, for example, potatoes, carrots, red onions, white cabbage and broccoli thrive on saline soil, provided they are cultivated, irrigated and fertilized in a specific way. Truly an innovation since food production on salinized soil has always been considered impossible. With these discovered methods and the use of specific crops huge areas of salinized soil become available for growing food, all around the world: an important breakthrough in food security.

Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food quality Carola Schouten: "Worldwide around one billion hectares of farmland is considered non-arable due to salinization. With the knowledge, we now have about cultivation methods and selecting salt-tolerant crops, this farmland can be used to produce food. Many countries simply need this knowledge in order to produce. Hence, we support the start-up of an institute that makes sure this knowledge is shared worldwide. A major contribution to global food security!"


VolkerWessels believes in a living environment where quality of life is key. Our ambition is to contribute to the health and happiness of users and residents. Our natural environment is under great pressure which means that our current consumption patterns are no longer sustainable. Enhancing nature value, developing renewable energy technologies and finding a solution to the exhaustion of resources are therefore of the essence. Salt Farm Foundation makes an indispensable contribution by working on future food security and water management. VolkerWessels supports the mission of the Salt Farm Foundation and is very pleased with the cooperation.


We have gained vast knowledge thanks to our cooperation with sister companies and their respective project partners. Projects such as “the Salt Solution” in Bangladesh and the cultivation of Salt Tolerant potatoes in Pakistan have given us the knowledge and experience to help us contribute to the food security around the world. One of our sister companies - Waddenwier works closely with research institutes in the Netherlands on various innovative seaweed cultivation projects. Knowledge of nutrition and know-how of marketing of produces cultivated through saline agriculture are gathered thanks to Marc foods.




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