Report - Seaweed as fertilizer and biostimulant Seaweed and algae extract as leaf fertilizer and bio stimulant in salt-tolerant potato

Dr. Ir. Abco J. de Buck, Ir. Peter Keijzer


This report - Seaweed and algae extract as leaf fertilizer and biostimulant in salt-tolerant potato (NL: Zeewier en algenextract als bladbemesting en biostimulant in zilte aardappel) was produced by Louis Bolk institute on the request of Salt Farm Foundation for the project Interreg North-sea region SalFar.


Yield and tuber size of potato grown under saline conditions fall short of those grown under non-saline conditions. In case irrigation with freshwater is not possible drought can further negatively affect yield and tuber size.

To test the efficacy of seaweed and algae extracts as foliar fertilizer or as a potential biostimulant to counter negative effects of both salinity and drought in an orientating field experiment at the isle of Texel two experimental products are trialled on potato grown under saline conditions and biodynamic management.
Due to a late onset of the first treatment, a very heterogeneous field and an unintended overall treatment of the entire field with one of the tested products possible differences between the treatments were diminished below the threshold for statistical significance. However, a tendency for a positive effect of the algae extract could be discerned.
In order to maximize possible differences between treatments beyond statistical significance and moreover to discern between general efficacy or product specificity within seaweed and algae extracts, recommendations are given for a new field experiment in 2020.

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