Saline Agriculture Worldwide Creating opportunities for salt-affected farmland


We help to improve crop yield under saline conditions and bring solutions into the hands of farmers

We specialize in creating and implementing resilient farming systems for salt-affected areas. 

We achieve this by research and consultancy, providing practical training in the field

and assisting with the implementation from sowing to harvesting. 


Salinity levels are increasing all over the world. As a result, yields are decreasing and the livelihood of millions of farmers and global food security is under pressure already.


The Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Carola Schouten, stated:

"Worldwide around one billion hectares of farmland is considered non-arable due to salinization. With the knowledge we now have about cultivation methods and selecting salt-tolerant crops, this farmland can be used to produce food. Many countries simply need this knowledge in order to produce.

Hence, we support the start-up of an institute that makes sure this knowledge is shared worldwide. A major contribution to global food security!"

Knowledge Centre on Saline Agriculture

  • Open source sharing of knowledge on saline agriculture
  • Research and development
  • Education and training of farmers: at the test fields on Texel (NL) and/or at other global project locations
  • Online information
  • Awareness - presentations for companies and groups

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