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TEDxDenHelder: SaltFarm Texel specializes in evaluating the salt tolerance of conventional crops and halophytes, performing large-scale screening of possible salt tolerant cultivars, and developing saline agricultural practices. We work together with NGO's, breeders and farmers across the world. Marc is a pioneer of the salt revolution. He is an entrepreneur an advisor and a marketer. His dedication made the impossible possible. His company is able to grow crops in salted grounds which were considered invaluable. (map source: Negacz and Vellinga, to be published).

More videos on Saline Agriculture

Report by CBS News in the USA. They found 'creative thinking on climate change' at Salt Farm Texel, and made this news report about our solution - Saline agriculture.


ALJAZEERA - Balkans 2015

BBC World News/ BBC Four - 2015 (English)

Ziltproefbedrijf/Salt Farm Texel - Outdoor lab on Texel

In this video (Dutch) CEO of Salt Farm Foundation - Marc van Rijsselberghe explains the problem of salinization and talks about the saline solution.



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