News Smart Farmer stories: Marc van Rijsselberghe 22 February 2018

Ghana, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the Netherlands have one thing in common - Salt-affected soils which are not suitable for agriculture anymore. Read the article by on how Marc van Rijsselberghe and Salt Farm Texel is trying to help rebuild these soils for agricultural use again.

Smart Farmer stories: Marc van Rijsselberghe

What do countries such as Ghana, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and the Netherlands have in common? They all have large areas of saline soil that are no longer suitable for agriculture. At least, that was the general view until recently. According to the conventional scientific opinion, no agriculture can take place if the irrigation water has a salinity of more than 1.7 deciSiemens per meter (deciSiemens is a measure of electrical conductivity and brackish water is a good conductor because of its salt content). Now agricultural entrepreneur Marc van Rijsselberghe has discovered that there are several crops that can be grown in saline soil.

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